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5 Types of Videos That Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

When creating branded content, you should always consider what kinds of visuals will drive audience engagement. Videos that include certain elements such as animals or dancing are disproportionately likely to become wildly popular and generate interest in the brand that published them. Here are five types of videos you should consider creating for your next branded content campaign:

1. Animals as the Star

We’ve written before about how using animals in your branded videos can drive sales, basically coming down to the fact that they evoke powerful emotions in us. The last time you were walking down the street and you spotted a cute dog, you probably smiled and felt happier. It works the same way when you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and spot a video of an animal performing a trick or doing something funny. This 2016 Super Bowl Commercial by Doritos, see below, is a perfect example of how animals can trigger emotions in viewers. The video was shot dynamically with multiple close-ups on the dogs as they comically tried to break into a store to get Doritos. This mix of humor and starring the dogs lead the commercial to get more than a million views.

2. People Reacting To…

According to Newship, social media clickbait is dead. Instead, videos that inform, educate, and inspire their audiences generally receive better viewership and engagement. This is why videos that use the “people reacting to…” trope have become popular among brands. For example, the video below by received more than four million views. Looking at these actors crying, laughing, and smiling when they received their DNA results lets the viewer empathize with the characters. If you want to build a personal connection with your audience, try including people’s emotional reactions to your product in your next branded video.

3. Recipes

Buzzsumo’s insights show that the most popular videos ranked by engagement on Facebook are recipe videos, and media publishers like Tasty and Tastemade rank highest in the food category. The visual appeal of seeing food prepared contributes to viewers’ positive response. If your brand is related to food or food services, you might want to consider teaming up with these kind of publishers to create appetizing video content. HelloFresh collaborated with BuzzFeed Tasty to create this Stuffed Peppers recipe, reaching more than a million views and thousands of shares on social media.

4. Destination & Travel Narratives

Most people don’t have the luxury of traveling the world and are fascinated by the beautiful environmental and architectural landscapes in different countries. Videos with location or travel narratives and visuals intrigue viewers and foster engagement among their audiences. For example, Apple was very successful with its Earth — Shot on iPhone campaign in early 2017, where they showcased different photos and videos of attractive landscapes and environments. All these videos were shot on an iPhone by different people, but still captured high-quality images, impressing viewers and instilling a sense of wonder and awe. Whether you’re a food brand or a tech company, bringing your viewers to gorgeous new destinations will create a connection in their between your brand and that sense of wonder.

5. Dance

According to the British Psychological Society, when you watch a dance performance and listen to music, you’ll most likely recall a memory that resonates with the performance. Not only do these types of videos help viewers remember a brand, but they can also resonate with them on a personal level. Equinox, a sports company, did an excellent job of using dance in their LGBTQ Alphabet Campaign for Pride in June 2016. The video helped them forge a more intimate connection with their target audience.

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